Welcome to the Green dragon mine!

The Green Dragon Mine is currently the biggest and only commercial mine for Demantoid garnets in the world.
Located in central Namibia, the mining area, extends over more then 1000 hectares producing one of the most 
precious & valuable colored stones in the world.

Green Dragon mine Demantoid

The word ''Demantoid'' derives his name from the diamond like luster & dispersion.
Demantoid garnet was the gemstone of the Zar's and King's during the  Edwardian era and gained huge popularity among europes
nobelty. The famous jeweler Carl Faberge loved the incredible fire of the Demantoids and used them in its famous easter eggs.

Demantoid from the ''Green Dragon Mine'' comes out in shades from yellow-green to bluish green. We only select the cleanest pieces so that intensive fire and luster won't be blocked by inclusions.
Our cutting is conducted by specialist who bring out the optical properties of the Demantoid as its best.  All  our stones are carefully color and clarity graded. Due to our superior cutting, setting costs and breakage are also reduced to a minimum.
Unlike other demantoids our stones are 100% natural and neither heated nor diffused to enhance the color.
For us it is a great honor to mine, cut and distribute the ''diamond'' of colored stones.

Please feel free to contact us with your needs! We believe that our mine to market strategy ensures  highest quality and a reliable service for our costumers.

Mining process:

The Green Dragon Mine is an open pit mine. Mining is conducted with earthmoving equipment in combination
with conveyer belts, crushing plants and sorting facilities.